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This is a snapshot of the great expeditions to the moist decidious forests of Bandipur Tiger Reserve of the

Southern India.


It was an evening safari & we were deep into the core zone of Bandipur Tiger Reserve. That day was dull

with no strong signs of any bigcat movements. So, we continued on our trail. Soon, we entered a thick habitat

of lantana bushes & woodlands. suddenly from our left, an elephant rushed out of the thick bushes, The

elephant raised her trunk & felt us much closer than we thought an elephant could. The key to such encounters

is to stay dead calm.

I have been tracking migratory elephants of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve of South India full Monsoon. They migrate from the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve off to the Bandipur Tiger Reserve landscape. New born are born here in Bandipur and elephant mothers become very protective of their young and the entire herd protects it from any danger. This calf is just few days old and is fully secured by the matriarch of the herd and her mom. We really spent some sweet moments with this family.

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